About Us

We have been producing Military style products for the commercial market under various name brands for more than 25 years. We were taught by the best in constructing Military Uniforms. We know what it takes to manufacturer our products to the highest military standards. We have traveled the globe extensively to find and build relationships with the best manufactures that know what it means to have pride in your production and not just turn it out to make a fast buck. We have been working with some of the same factories for as long as we have been producing uniforms. We have also established relationships with the mills that can produce military quality fabric and trims;. We have learned through the years that quality is of the utmost importance when producing these items, for the thread you use, zippers, button everything has to pass military standards.

Last year we decided not to make private label anymore and we would produce, market and sell our own products. The first year out of the gate we were awarded a 4 year contract with the California Cadet Corp for their Class C uniforms. It was an open bid and we had the best value for the money. Our plans are to increase our uniform program to include BDU pants and tops, EMS pants for both women and men, Class B cadet uniform which will include the adjustable belt, Duty Jacket for correction officers as well as police, jumpsuit again for correction officers. We are making some of these items out of different fabric then what is currently on the market. We will be using a lot of 65/35 poly cotton mechanical stretch rip stop. We plan to have our complete uniform program available by fall of 2020.

In addition we will be carrying items from both Condor and Fox outdoors, we will have an assortment of backpacks, pouches, hydration packs and in the apparel we will offer soft shell jackets, performance T shirts and polo shirts, base layer tops and bottom.

Camp-Ways will offer our products directly to the consumer and competitive retail prices. We also have quantity buys available for agency’s or departments. Please send us your inquire to info@campwaysinc.com

We look forward to offering you the best quality uniforms and tactical gear available on the market today at the most competitive prices.

Please feel free to give us your comments good or bad anytime,



Steve Horenstein