About Us

Camp-Ways Inc. is truly a pioneer in the Outdoor market. Starting out in the early 70s, our DNA is deeply embedded in the Army Navy market. As the company grew, we ventured into the outdoor specialty stores and big box retailers which dominated the marketplace in those days.  We have always been known for our creativity, our new product innovations, and the ability to bring it to market at extremely competitive prices.

We were among the first to introduce the Family Dome tent and shock-corded fiberglass poles. Our outdoor division was a success. We next ventured into the whitewater business. Using the same ability to source and design quality products at affordable prices, we helped grow the whitewater industry and became the largest supplier of whitewater inflatable boats in the world.

Fast-forward to today, Camp-Ways is back! Our vision is to continue to produce the highest quality products and sell them at the most competitive prices. Our sources are second to none and the Camp-Ways team is committed to bring the same integrity and performance as we have since the 70s.

We always put our customers first and strive to give them the best product, service, and price. We have gone back to the beginning at Camp-Ways, military-inspired products. We offer a full line of boots, GI-style bags and more. We know you will be just as satisfied as our customers were more than 40 years ago!